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Climate Fresk

A game
that will
engage anyone
with climate change
for 3 hours

The game was created in 2015 by Cedric Rigenback, a French climate expert, lecturer, consultant and former director of The Shift Project, an association working for post-carbon solutions.

It is based entirely on the reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The IPCC is a UN body that provides scientific information on climate change issues by providing regular, science-based assessments of climate change, its impact, and future risks, as well as opportunities for adaptation and mitigation.

The Climate Fresk Association (https://climatefresk.org/) was established in 2018 to spread the game and knowledge. Wind Of Change works with a network of certified facilitators who run the game in Bulgaria in Bulgarian, English and French.

A collaborative, scientific and creative

workshop that allows understanding and awareness of climate change in a fun way

The Collective intelligence

of the group discovers the links between human activity and climate change

A set of 42 cards

each representing one element of climate change

A motivating

game to help understand the implications of climate change and trigger action

How does climate change work? First option to know the answer: read the IPCC report. Guaranteed result, but 2000 pages to go through! Second option: play the Climate Fresk. This game allows you to understand the main mechanisms at work in this eminently complex issue. Just try it!
Jean-Marc Jancovici
Member of the French High Council for the Climate

The Climate Fresk Workshop


Reasoning - 1h 30 min

Discovering and linking the 42 cards and creating the collage.


Creativity - 30 min

Relaxing, taking ownership of the collage by decorating it.


Discussion - 1 hour

A discussion on the participant’s emotions, positions, questions to finally brainstorm over the possible individual and company solutions.

Climate Fresk participants in Bulgaria until May 2024

2023 Target

Reach 3500 people in Bulgaria

In just 3 years, the Climate Fresk succeeded to build a community of


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Why participate in the Climate Fresk

Understand climate issues through
scientific data
Creating links and cohesion among employees
Drawing strategic axes and impact roadmaps
Train employees on a shared set of skills
Teams capacity-building in
collective intelligence
Support impactful entrepreneurship

Companies that support us

What some of the participants in the Fresk say about it

Get in touch with us to play the game individually or with your team


Wind of Change


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