Sofia, Bulgaria, EU


Hello. We are

We are here to guide businesses, institutions and investors through the risks, the opportunities and the transformations leading to the new low-carbon economy.

Agents of change

We are on a mission to accelerate harmonious transformation of responsible organisations that share our care for the climate and the environment.

Why change?

The paths of change are now known

and we are the guides that will lead you with ideas, conversations and concrete objectives.

Like mountain guides

we lead motivated people according to their abilities, needs and readiness.

The need for change

of our economy, society, and the way we treat nature, is urgent and inevitable.

"Now, here, you see,
it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.
If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!"
the Red Queen
Lewis Carroll's character of Alice in the Wonderland

What do we do?

Company transformation

through strategic advisory, service and product design and culture conversion.

Analysis and data collection

of greenhouse gas emissions, water and energy consumption, biodiversity impact and waste management.

Reporting and certification

for environmental and social governance.

Engineering solutions

for the efficient reduction of emissions, energy and water use, waste management and biodiversity impact.

Our expertise


Wind Of Change was born in the work of gorichka.bg, a diverse conversation group of like-minded people gathered around the challenges of climate change.

We identified the need for an agent of change to provide expertise and guidance for different organisations.

The founders team includes:

Magdalena Maleeva

Simeon Beloreshki

Mariyana Dyankova

Martin Zaimov

Vladislav Panev

Lubomir Nokov

Bogomila Traykova

Alexander Dountchev

Aglika Georgieva

Lily Geleva

Reasons to choose us

We are value driven

not the typical for-profit business consultancy.

We gather the necessary knowledge

to make change happen.

We provide the needed expertise

and make it useful.

We have the experience

of managing through change and we understand the challenges involved.

We are a diverse and open team

we’ve been in C suites, SMEs and NGOs, and we are fit for the dynamic of our times.

Get in touch

ADDRESS: 47 Cherni vrah, Sofia, Bulgaria
EMAIL: hello@wind-of-change.eu
PHONE: (+359) 887 763 755